trading tricks by using 60 seconds on a pocket option broker

On this occasion, we will compare binary options trading and trading using forex, the difference is not too big, only the time and risk is different when tardingb in binary options, other times can use a very short time and of course there is a risk of jointed when you are trading with a very short period of time. surely the risk is very large whereas when tarding using forex you can't use the shortest time but the risk level is low
This time the word will discuss the strategy according to the title above, namely I will tell you how to trade using 60 seconds at a pocket option broker without using indicators and how to avoid loos when tarding without using indicators but on this tarding opportunity we use the help of a very powerful signal bot. The solution is the web version of fxxtool which can reduce the level of other losses

How to use this strategy is very easy, as I explained before, how to use the fxxtool bot is very easy to understand, starting with the market, choosing the time and three times opening positions according to the bot's signal direction

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