How to use fractal indicator to get maximum profit

You may be very familiar with the fractal indicator, which of course is always neatly displayed on your trading platform. fractal is one indicator that provides information to you about the high and low on your price automatically. 

But unfortunately you may often ask your seniors, and maybe some of them can't even answer where do those fractal arrows come from? Why does it sometimes appear at point A, but then change to point B?

In order not to misunderstand this indicator that can actually help you, let's look at the theory in fractals introduced by Bill William.

A fractal is the top (peak) or bottom (valley) point where the market price is about to reverse direction. Fractals appear on your chart with the condition that there are 5 candles / bars on your chart in a row, where there is the highest bar in the middle (third candle) and the previous two candlesticks and the next one are lower, vice versa.

maybe it will be clearer you see the example below


Fractal Function

so if you want to simplify it, this provides a point of support and resistance for you. then it's actually up to you whether you want to use the support or resistance point in your trading plan as a buying point or a selling point. or you want to use it as a reference breakout at your entry point.

Fractal Function

with this fractal also makes it easier for you to connect the trend line,

Fractal Function

The fractal introduced by Bill William is actually used in combination with his alligator, known as chaos strategy. but as traders' point of view develops, fractals have many functions that can help you in combining your trading strategies. For example, determining the points of support and resistance, determining whether the trend is sustainable or not, helps you objectively see the peaks and valleys in a chart.

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